Copy of Nestorian  Stone
Mt Koya, Japan

Copy of Chang'an Stone monument at the entrance to Kobo Daishi's  mausoleum. Kobo Daishi, Japan's most brilliant intellect, was sent to Chang'an  in the early part of the 9th century by the emperor of Japan to make an effort  to reconcile Buddhism and Shintoism. Instead he came back with a Christianized  Buddhism. He called his new body of doctrine, Shingon, or True Word. Baptism was  part of the Shingon rites. Through contact with Christian missionaries, many  Buddhists were attracted to Christianity. To counteract this, Buddhism was  forced to invent a redeemer and to prophesy the second coming of Buddha under  this Japanese title, "Meitreya (Miroku) the loving one who is returning."  Meitreya is the 'Christ' of the new age movement today.



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